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Programs & Centers


Alabama Consortium on Forestry Education and Research

The Alabama Consortium on Forestry Education and Research was established to enhance the environmental, social, and economic benefits from the forest resources of Alabama through expanded education of undergraduate and graduate students, collaborative research programs, and technology transfer.

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Plant Biotechnology

Employing cutting-edge tools in molecular biology such as gene transfer and genomics, we are developing improved strains of sweetpotato and peanut with enhanced protein content and virus resistance, and also expanding our knowledge of the genetic architecture of peanut, sweetpotato and cowpea.

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George Washington Carver Agricultural Experiment Station

We carry on the legacy of George Washington Carver (1864-1943) through continued agricultural research that can be accessible to all. He began his work at Tuskegee Institute under Booker T. Washington in 1896, where he developed research and training in crop rotation and alternative crops to improve soil heavily planted with cotton. He is most widely known for his research and development of over 300 products from peanut crops. CAENS at Tuskegee University continues to honor him through the Agricultural Experiment Station in areas of plant systems, animal systems, food and nutrition, and more as we expand our research efforts. 
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Center for Research on Diet, Lifestyle and Cardiovascular Disease (Project EXPORT)

The Center for Research on Diet, Lifestyle and Cardiovascular Disease (Project EXPORT) carries out activities that involve the collection, analysis and interpretation of data to be used to plan dietary intervention programs that promote health throughout the life cycle. The Department also develops, tests, and disseminates food and nutrition education activities and materials aimed at decreasing CVD and coronary heart disease (CHD) in target populations, namely African American Alabamians.Learn More


Tuskegee/NASA Center for Food and Environmental Systems for Human Exploration of Space

The current focus at the Tuskegee/NASA Center for Food and Environmental Systems for Human Exploration of Space is hydroponic production of salad crops, waste recycling on mission, and pursuing commercialization on earth of products already developed for space.

Two main interdisciplinary research teams were formed under the latest contract:  Food Crop and Controlled Environment Systems and Food Processing and Product Development.

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Caprine Connection

Caprine Connection is designed to enhance this core mission of Tuskegee University — "to perform the role and function of a Land–Grant University in areas of Teaching, Research and Outreach" that meets the need of the community at large. Tuskegee University historically has a significant contribution in the area of goat research and plans extend the research activities that encompass all areas of goat production and improve client skill levels.

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